About Us

Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Solutions for People and Providers

consulting teamAdvanced Recovery Resources is a company unlike any other in the addiction treatment field. We work with individuals and families to help them find the resources they need for a successful recovery from substance abuse, and we also work with rehabilitation programs to help them improve their bottom line without sacrificing clinical excellence.

Our consultants have proven time and again that we can help treatment centers become more successful and we have also helped thousands of people locate effective rehab programs and support services that fit their needs.

Consulting Tailored to Each Program or Individual

We’re personally invested in your success whether you’re searching for help for a loved one or you operate a rehabilitation program. We know that word of mouth referrals and networking are some of the most valuable forms of marketing, and the more people and facilities we help, the more people recommend our services to others.

New! Treatment Admissions Training Course

Is your facility not maintaining a viable census? Now there is help for improving the quality of your admissions department and therefore increasing enrollment. Find out more.

Consulting for IOPs

The treatment landscape continues to change. New challenges and regulations have been both a blessing for many and also the downfall for others. We have seen many IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) struggle or even fall away because of an inability to adapt to today’s conditions. Our co-founders have also started and operated programs and can help yours become more successful as well. Find out more.