Many families express their frustration at failed attempts to get their loved ones help for their drug or alcohol problems. The very nature of addiction guarantees that most substance abusers will do whatever they can to avoid having to face their issues head-on, as they would rather keep trying to cover it up.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has acknowledged that even people with lower levels of motivation can receive substantial benefit from treatment. Interventions help people to make the decision to try and turn their lives around, which goes against the common misconception that they are being forced to go against their will.

When family members have a tough time getting someone to agree to go to treatment, an intervention specialist can be brought in to help. They are there to mediate and direct and be the voice of reason and experience. Well over 90% of interventions end in successful enrollment in a treatment center.

Too often friends and family members get into a shouting match with the addicted loved one, or they play the blame game, and nobody gets anywhere. An experienced interventionist knows how to direct traffic and keep situations under more control since they don’t have the same emotional baggage as the rest of the participants.

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