recoverycoachOftentimes people underestimate how important the transition can be after they get out of treatment. While some rehab centers have personnel dedicated to working with people after they leave the facility, many do not.

The truth is that even the best treatment program results can be easily overturned if an individual loses focus and falls back into old behavioral patterns, which dramatically increase their chances of relapsing. A Recovery Coach helps people to stay focused on goals in life to move on and advance their recovery.

A Recovery Coach is not a clinical position, as they do not treat or counsel people regarding their feelings or the past. Instead, they help them stay on the path and look to the future by following through with their recovery plans and offering advice through. They are usually peers – people who have previously been to treatment and/or successfully turned their lives around after substance abuse problems.

While most coaches are used after treatment, some people retain them early on to help them find appropriate treatment options to get started. They stay in touch as they progress through the program, and then continue their sessions long after the treatment is completed. There are really many things that a recovery coach can assist with, and other similar names or roles include case managers, peer support specialists, and more. We have recently started developing a website to help people connect with these types of resources. Check out for more information.

Why Use a Recovery Coach?

One of the best benefits of Recovery Coaches is that they assist in providing more accountability. It’s not just about going to meetings and getting a sponsor (although they are also very helpful). It’s about creating specific plans for moving forward in recovery and in life, and making any needed corrections along the way.

At Advanced Recovery Resources, we have excellent coaches available to assist you or your loved one. We offer a free consultation and if it seems like a good fit for both, then we can recommend a suitable coaching package. If you would like more information about how we can help, contact us today.