Here are a few examples of our work with treatment facilities, including how we adapted, advised or supplemented their existing work to increase their occupancy rate as well as their efficiency.

Consulting Results

Facility #1 – We engaged in a two-year project with a new treatment program in the Southeast. It is a residential facility with 32 cash-pay beds. We assisted them in defining what they do and how to present that better to potential clients, including changing descriptive words to stand out in their chosen category, while helping them define and target their niche within the field.

We worked with facility staff and their local marketing partners to shape their advertising campaigns. We were able to assess where money was being spent and recommend other avenues to reduce that cost with better results. We also helped cut their AdWords budget in half without losing call volume.

Throughout this time we continued to develop content for their site and assist in distribution methods to get their names and messages out there. This content generation, SEO application, consulting for their marketing company and public relations campaigns helped position them firmly at the top for their desired traffic.

The results included not only a top-ranking website, but occupancy increased from 60% to being full. At the end of our engagement they had a waiting list and were looking to acquire another facility to accommodate the growth. Their annual revenue increased by 50% while their overall spending decreased.

Facility #2 – We contracted with a residential program in the Southeast that had 50 beds but were struggling to keep 35 of them filled. We worked out a lead generation program and sales training to immediately boost their monthly revenue and start to increase their enrollment.

We also worked with their marketing staff to upgrade all of their existing web properties through direct improvements and training, while simultaneously helping them to implement a local and regional awareness campaign to increase their overall presence. These actions led to a higher number of prospects contacting them directly through organic positioning rather than having to rely on paid ads.

The result was that they actually had to add more beds, as they filled up to 55 clients (a growth of 57%) in less than two years. At the same time, average monthly revenue increased by over 60%. At the end of the engagement they now had the necessary resources to be able to maintain this new operating level and steadily keep their enrollment above 50.

Facility #3 – A newer 24 bed program in the Southwest sought our help with increasing their referral network and building up their online presence for increased organic traffic. Over an 18-month period we were able to help them improve their search engine rankings, including taking over the #1 spot for their top keyword, which resulted in 40% more organic traffic to their main site.

With our help, the center grew from 24 to 32 beds and continues to grow today.

Facility #4 – A new 22 bed residential program in the Northwest was over-spending and struggling to exceed their monthly goals. We were brought in for intake department consulting, and in less than 20 hours helped their team cut their promotional spending while filling all 22 beds and going on a waiting list. As a result, they have decided to retain our services for ongoing consulting while they grow.

Facility #5 – Our CEO also co-founded a program that got its start as a true PHP/IOP (no attached housing or residential beds). Taking the program from initial concept phase with partners in a competitive market to being cash-flow positive, opening a second location, growing to 40+ active clients and becoming profitable. The brand development and identity strategies were key in producing a unique program that continues to grow into a network with nationwide aspirations. All initially done on a shoestring budget.

Facility #6 – A marketing company brought us in to help with one of their clients in the Mountain West region that had one residential facility and one IOP. Through initial education on the admissions process and individual work with the CEO and multiple staff, we were able to help get their business development team and phone admissions team better communicating and identifying inbound and outbound referral opportunities as well. We were able to identify that they were missing a key position, which they have hired for, and their admissions from the personnel we worked with increased by 40%.