We have worked with dozens of facilities throughout the country over the past 20 years in many different capacities, and we’re making it easier than ever to access our unique knowledge and experience to help your program.

Some of the areas we can assist with include:

  • Start-up – from concept to opening day
  • Ongoing sampling of call handling/quality improvement
  • Ongoing access to our Admissions Training course
  • Personalized help/recommendations for call center director
  • Review of inbound inquiries/sources & outbound referrals
  • Review organic traffic/positioning, content help/recommendations for marketing
  • Review website & marketing materials for messaging/recommendations
  • Review sources of admissions/recommendations
  • Assessment of outreach/development activities/recommendations for director
  • Assessment of overall revenue sources/payments to look for additional ways to boost income
  • Assessment of discharge process & ongoing engagement for outcomes/quality assurance
  • Personnel utilization & efficiency review
  • Executive assistance to review overall goals for facility
  • Developing growth strategy

There are so many parts to running a successful organization that require attention to ensure things are running smoothly, that people are getting the best care, that staff feel like they belong, and that the company is financially strong to be able to grow and continue providing services.

Contact is today for more information and a free consultation.

Treatment Center Consulting